Michael Hannaford (1832-1891)

Devon Cliffs (n.d.)

Michael Hannaford (1832-1891)

Michael Hannaford (1832-1891) painted rugged scenes from his native England and continued with that theme when he eventually immigrated to Canada, after briefly living in Australia and New Zealand. In Canada he found his subjects predominately in the Don Valley and Scarborough districts of Toronto.

Devon Cliffs (After M.H.) (2022)

Paul Boultbee (b. 1951)

Michael Hannaford’s Devon Cliffs (n.d.) is dominated by the rock structures that line the coast as is Alfred Ernest Boultbee’s untitled landscape (n.d.). The handmade paper I used mimics those cliffs and dominates my paintings. But their placement and the ways in which the paper is treated gives each scene a sense of ambiguity.

Relationship: I am Michael’s great great grandson.